Name your favorites.

Place - Italy. Hands down. Especially Florence and Assisi.
Person - Ally!
Color - Purple.
Food - Lobster, pizza or any type of dessert.
Smell - Juicy Couture Noir.
Book - Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.
Movie - The Princess Bride.
Music artist - All time low or Paramore
Genre of music - I listen to just about anything.
Genre of literature - thriller or mysteries
Magazine - Glamour.
Texture - Water.
Time of day - Night.
Day of the week - Monday(only because my “weekend” is Sunday and Monday. Because I work Tuesday-Saturday.)
Tumblr - Most of my reblog are from live-luxury.
Thing to do when bored - Go on Pinterest or Tumblr.
Celebrity - Jennifer Lawrence.
Class in school - Psychology.
Website other than Tumblr - Pinterest.
Drink - Moscato wine or margaritas.
Precious stone - Either sapphire, rose quartz or emerald.
Animal - Dog.
Flower - calla lillies or gerber daisies
Time in history - Ancient Greece.
Font - Caliber.
Video game - Zelda(any of them)
TV show - sons of anarchy.
Play - Christmas Carol
Sound - The ocean or a thunderstorm
Fruit - Strawberry.
Vegetable - Cucumber
Store/shop - Sephora
Article of clothing you own - My Bergeron jersey.
Pattern - Leopard print.
Workout - Dancing or swimming.
Quote - “Be a warrior, not a worrier.”
Historical figure - Cleopatra.
Boy’s name - Christian.
Girl’s name - Layla or Lyla.
Potato chip flavor - Salt and vinegar
Meal of the day - Breakfast.
Ice cream flavor - Coffee
Soda - dr pepper
Popcorn flavor - Buttered
Season - Spring
Month of the year - August.
Word - Swoon
Disney princess - Belle
Insult - “Slunt,” short for slutty c*nt
Joke - Many.
Cussword - “Fuck”.
Letter - S
YouTube channel - Whatever channel Willam’s Beatdown is on.
Eye color - Green.
Memory - Visiting Ally for my birthday.
Dessert - Tiramisu or strawberry shortcake.
Candy - Reese’s Cup.
Restaurant - Capellini’s.
Lifehack - idk.
Language - French. Wish I could learn it.
Thing to learn about - Ancient cultures.
Thing about yourself - My sense of humor.